Organic Fertilizer Recommendations

Save money, improve your soil and grow more bountiful, nutritious crops!

Why waste money on fertilizers your soil does not need? Why not improve your soil's health by giving it the nutrients it needs, using organic fertilizers and compost that are available to you?

With a Grow Your Soil™ organic fertilizer recommendation, you will be able to add the specific nutrients that your soil and crops need, and avoid adding those nutrients that are not needed. A Grow Your Soil™ organic fertilizer recommendation is simple to understand and allows you to significantly improve your soil at less cost to you.

We will recommend only organic fertilizers and compost that are available and affordable to you, wherever you are, since a fertilizer recommendation is not worth much if you can't purchase the recommended fertilizers. We are not affiliated with any fertilizer manufacturer and make no commission on the fertilizers we recommend. In addition to recommending specific fertilizers, we will specify the application rate of each fertilizer and the best way to apply each fertilizer based on your soil's condition.

This service is recommended by John Jeavons, president of Ecology Action and author of How to Grow More Vegetables, and approved by Ecology Action for all GROW BIOINTENSIVE® certification programs.

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All Grow Your Soil™ recommendations are made by John Beeby, a Cornell University-trained soil scientist, who is also happy to answer any questions you have along the way, regarding your soil and how best to improve it. We can also work with you on ways to manage your soil and crops to minimize the amounts of fertilizers you will need in the future. In addition, we will help you not over-fertilize your soil, which is a waste of your money and often detrimental to the soil and environment.