Grow Your Soil provides the most comprehensive, in-depth organic soil recommendations available. John Beeby, its founder, has a Masters of Science in Soil and Crop Sciences from Cornell University. John is the sole soil fertility consultant of John Jeavons, president of Ecology Action and author of How to Grow More Vegetables. Grow Your Soil recommendations are the only soil recommendations approved by Ecology Action for all GROW BIOINTENSIVE® certification programs.

Grow Your Soil works with individual organic gardeners and farmers, as well as organizations that are supporting farming communities around the world. Grow Your Soil has helped improve a wide variety of soils from a growing list of countries around the world that includes Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Kenya, Ghana, Senegal, Nigeria, Malawi, Nepal, Japan and the U.S.

We want to understand and support your farming method, and will work with you to create a soil fertility recommendation that meets your criteria, minimizes your need for inputs, and utilizes inputs that are available to you when necessary to improve your soil. If you are serious about increasing and maintaining your soil fertility sustainably, contact us. We will find a way to help you improve your soil regardless of circumstances or available resources.