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Customer Comments

Grow Your Soil™ soil evaluations are among the best, and are available for all climates and soils nationally and globally where food is grown. Their evaluations done for biologically-intensive food-raising soils are the most sensitive, accurate and least expensive we have found. You benefit greatly from a good soil test and description of what to add to balance soil nutrients. The result is higher food yields and, usually, the need for less, but just the right amount of, nutrients in organic fertilizer form. All this means less money out of your pocket and a much better food-growing experience!

John Jeavons, Ecology Action, Willits, CA, USA

Grow Your Soil™ service was excellent and provided prompt replies to all my questions. Their recommendations to improve boron and magnesium deficiencies in my soil were very helpful, and they insightfully determined the reason for my high level of phosphorus in my soil, which was due to my using waterlogged soil from a nearby spring as one of the ingredients in my compost pile. His detection work and willingness to help beyond simply recommending fertilizers was extremely valuable.

Pedro Almoguera, Madrid, Spain

Grow Your Soil™ helped me to understand my soil condition, and which deficiencies are due to the nature of my soil and which ones are caused by my tillage practices. HarvestMore™ was a personal service, we have a deep conversation about optimal legumes for my region. Grow Your SoilTMrecommendations were customized, in other words their recommendations were adapted to the availability of fertilizers in my region. I am very happy with its service.

Gaspar Mayagoitia, Chihuahua, Mexico

My farm is located in the mountains of Los Santos Region in Costa Rica, where soils are acidic and very depleted, therefore I have been struggling with fertility during the last two years, trying many things with almost no results, to the point where I felt totally exhausted. Recently I have been receiving advice from Grow Your Soil™, we have been communicating daily, working together to find solutions using locally available fertilizers. I have recovered my hope and energy and I am pretty sure my soil will also be recovered.

Felicia Echeverría H., Proyecto Cultura Verde, Costa Rica

I want to share my happiness for being part of a positive path to grow soil, food and life. I feel cheerful with each new knowledge learned. I feel more secure with Grow Biointensive because I have the information and the response to the concerns, I am thankful for the advice that I received.

If I compared my previous experiences, definitely the results that I have with Grow Your Soil are real. Before I could not harvest tomatoes, carrots or onions. I did not understand why I had pests; I thought it was because I did not apply insecticides. Now I know that my soil is like my body: if you are weak, you can get sick, for that reason I have to feed it with organic fertilizers produced from the garden.

As an adult woman, I do not find limitations to implement this method. It is easy to learn and it is easy to apply. Its requirements are a little dedication and willingness to learn. I am happy to have found the way to grow in harmony with the nature and (as a human) be part of the biodiversity.

Yoli Hernandez, Nicaragua

Establishing and maintaining soil fertility in the tropics is essential for obtaining food security - and food sovereignty. Carbon oxidizes much faster in the tropics and most soils have been depleted of essential and trace minerals or there is an imbalance of these minerals. Consequently, countless “garden projects” in Nicaragua have failed or have low yields due to lack of information about the condition of the soil. Grow Your SoilTM provides technical support to our training center where we demonstrate how - with the sound recommendations on how to correct the balance of minerals and the right amount of organic matter - the small-scale grower can successfully “grow the soil” so the soil can grow nutritionally balanced crops.

What is more, John Beeby personally responds to questions and concerns from small-scale growers in Nicaragua, including how to manage problem soils and helping them find affordable, locally available organic fertilizers. In a country without an “agricultural extension program”, this is an invaluable added service.

Michael A. Richardson, President - Executive Director
Centro de Capacitación, Investigación y Demostración (CCID), del Método Biointensivo de Cultivo en Nicaragua, Inc.

Here is our experience with BIONICA and Grow your Soil:

For eleven years our organization's, 'Solar Project Foundation for Nicaraguan Women' (Fundación Proyecto Solar para Mujeres Nicaragüense-FUPROSOMUNIC), main focus has been the use of solar energy with women in rural communities of Nicaragua, and principally the use of solar kitchens, solar dryers for fruits, and teas and water purification with the sun.

Since June 2014, we have expanded our project towards the production of healthy and environmentally friendly food. We purchased a farm near Catarina; the farm was named 'Ecosolar Center of Nicaragua' and will serve as a demonstration farm. Since July 2014 we had received technical support and follow up from the staff of BIONICA; and together we are implementing GROW BIOINTENSIVE farming. We also have received support in our soil analysis from Grow your Soil. The support from John Beeby has been very professional and with only 3 months we started observing improvements in our crops. We try to put in practice the BIONICA's philosophy which tell us that the first step to obtain good results in the crops is to improve the soil improve, and we are trying to do that.

We are thankful for the support from Grow Your Soil and John Beeby.

Mercedes Alvarez, Nicaragua

Grow Your Soil provides great tailored advice based on independent soil analyses. The recommendations are very detailed, practical and geared towards people interested in sustainable practices. John's responses are very quick and he replies promptly to follow up questions. Great deal!